Women’s Running

I compile the Running Mates and Race Diary pages in Women’s Running every month. Get in touch liz@lizhollis.co.uk with any runner’s stories or interesting running events.

Energy Manager Magazine

A green travel strategy calls for more than deploying electric vehicles. Here’s why organisations now need to become cycle-ready.

Sept 2019 issue.



Wicked Leeks Magazine

I am a huge fan of Zero Waste Home blogger and speaker Bea Johnson.

I was delighted to talk to her for The Big Interview in Wicked Leeks magazine for #zerowasteweek 2019

Pic by Jacqui J Sze

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The Possible Magazine

The creativity enigma? What does it take to really boost creativity in the workplace. Feature by Liz Hollis in thought-leadership magazine The Possible. Creative People The Possible



The Psychologist

Why there are close links between journalism and psychology. Feature in The Psychologist. Click to read text. By Liz Hollis



Women’s Running

I am a regular contributor to Women’s Running. As a keen runner myself and member of City of Norwich Athletic Club, it’s always a pleasure to think up features ideas and work as a freelance journalist for this successful consumer magazine. 

women’s running article


Sorry seems to be the hardest word

Getting an apology wrong does more damage than not giving one at all.

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Money talks

From SocGen’s missing billions to TV competition scandals, office malpractice is everywhere. So why is it still easier to ‘out’ the culprits through the tabloids?

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Womb with a view

Look at my baby – New technology now allows us to see extraordinary pictures of unborn children

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